LIFE AS FINE ART OWNER + ARTIST CATE SCAGLIONE Image courtesy of Kara Marie | Kara Marie Boudoir, Austin, TX

Image courtesy of Kara Marie | Kara Marie Boudoir, Austin, TX


imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.




My name is Cate and I want to make you feel like the most beautiful person on the planet.

< That's ME, Artist + Owner of Life As Fine Art. I am entirely imperfect. I have a lowbrow humor and a highbrow IQ. 
II'm part dreamer, part realist. I'm equal parts introvert and extrovert, (whatever you need). A connoisseur of the irreverent + untamed; but but also a purveyor of the quiet + peaceful. I am an empath, a nurturer and a tough-love hard-ass with a soft voice. I am a healer even though I have some broken parts, too.

But more than anything, I am a woman that is confident in who she is and wants the same for you. I know that life is simply too important to take one's self too seriously. And if you read this far, something tells me you believe this, too.

Like you, I've battled my shyness, my insecurities, my dysfunctions and my demons. But the DNA of an inner artist was wise enough to understand these "imperfections" were lavishly masqueraded gifts...and can translate into the most beautiful revelations. Through ART. 

I believe that there are wonderful adjectives living inside each of us. They are more than words; They're feelings and dreams trapped within, like tiny prisoners.

Beautiful. Accomplished. Strong. Liberated.
Sensual. Courageous. Amazing.

We each have our own imprisoned adjectives, which are often buried so deep by the years of poor conditioning, we cannot even fathom such beautiful words can belong to us, too.

One day, we all make a choice to let it all go. In a beautiful song of consciousness, we set them free to mingle with our lives. More than a photo session, this is a life experience that allows you to see YOURSELF with kind, generous eyes. You become ART.

What will your images look like? Well, your definition of beauty is personal and unique. My team designs your session accordingly. As your dedicated artist, I choose a creative genus of photography that  allows me to give you an inspired dreamy, romantic interpretation of real/sensual/beautiful YOU... 


I will hold your hand through this, I will walk the walk along with you. I will be your ambassador of "I am enough."

Let's do this. Click here to explore further.