There are wonderful adjectives living inside each of us. They are more than words; They're feelings and dreams trapped within, like tiny prisoners.

Beautiful. Accomplished. Strong. Sensual. Courageous. Amazing. 

We each have our own imprisoned adjectives, which are often buried so deep by the years of conditioning, we cannot even fathom they are belong to us.

One day, you make a choice to let it all go. In a beautiful song of consciousness, you set them free to mingle with your life.

More than a photo session, this is a life experience that allows you to see these adjectives as visual expressions of self-love that appear before your very eyes. Your beauty is no longer an object of critique, but rather a mirror of your soul, looking back at you with kind, generous eyes.

Timeless elegance, couture fashion, or as intimately styled boudoir portraits, your definition of beauty is personal and unique and my team designs your session accordingly. As your dedicated artist, I choose a creative genus of photography that translates your beauty beyond the obvious… with an inspired dreamy, romantic interpretation of YOU.

This is Your Life As Fine Art.


(c)2014 Life As Fine Art by Cate Scaglione

(c)2014 Life As Fine Art by Cate Scaglione

We have all a better guide in ourselves, if we would attend to it, than any other person can be.
— Jane Austen