What lies ahead of us and what lies behind us pales compared to what lies within us.
— Winston Churchill


...as seen on Bravo TV's Real Housewives of New Jersey on October 12, 2014 

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On October 12, 2014 viewers witnessed some incredibly tender moments between "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" stars Amber and Jim Marchese. 

On the five year anniversary of Amber's breast cancer surgery, Amber received a positive prognosis from her physician.  Jim Marchese staged a very special tribute to his wife, with a commissioned art collection by International award winning photographer/digital painter Cate Scaglione, the artist and owner of Life As Fine Art. 

"In this series, we are telling a story of Amber's own "Life As Fine Art"... It's her story of pain, triumph, courageous beauty, and a bright, faith-filled future. I tried to capture each of these sentiments in every portrait I created for her."  - Cate Scaglione

To get a behind the scenes look at how this art was made, check out our video of Amber from the photo shoot.

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The collection, which was curated and exhibited as a private collection for Amber at the A.J. Dillon Gallery of Fine Art, features four giclee museum prints in black and white, and two canvas paintings which were hand-painted and signed by Cate. 

Over a private dinner arranged at the gallery, Jim unveiled the exhibit to Amber. These images now hang in the Marchese home. However, those interested in purchasing any of these limited edition prints, beginning during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, may do so by clicking here. A portion of the proceeds will help support breast cancer charities supported by the Marchese Family and Life As Fine Art by Cate Scaglione. 

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