LIFE AS FINE ART by CATE SCAGLIONE: A Makeup Artist dishes her views about life with and without makeup

Feeling Gorgeous with Hair and Makeup | Makeup Artistry by Miranda Richards 

So much debate about makeup these days. A few days ago, I blogged about the growing "no Makeup Trend" and the Colbie video. It is definitely something that is starting to take root in the photography industry as well. Many of my colleagues are exploring this as a line of their business. 

My stylist, Makeup Artistry by Miranda Richards, has her own spin on things:

"I find it such a shame that many women can't appreciate their natural face and unique features for what they are. Insecurities keep them prisoner behind their makeup mask, when it's really something that's meant to be enjoyed. 
I remember a time when I couldn't leave my house without a full face of makeup. I would carry all of my essentials with me _everywhere_ I went. Sweating, humidity, and rain would give me anxiety, out of fear that my makeup would run off. Thinking back on it now, that's absolute insanity. It's a burden, and I hate when I see clients suffering from it.
I'm not sure what changed, but there are days now when I'm out all day running around with nothing on my face but moisturizer. On those days, there are moments when I do feel guilty about not wearing makeup, but not because I want to cover up and hide my face. Makeup has grown to be such a close and dear friend to me that I genuinely just love to apply, wear, experiment and grow with it. 
Yes, it does make me feel more beautiful; but only in the sense that I'm enhancing the natural beauty in the features I already have, not crafting and contouring myself a new nose. Nothing makes me sadder than when I see a client scrutinizing their face because there "isn't enough" makeup on. It makes me want to shake them!"

Makeup Artistry by Miranda Richards is a stylist to my many award-winning photo sessions, celebrity clients, models and making everyday people look their very best.  Miranda is available for private styling sessions. To contact Miranda, contact her at 973.510.4865 or visit her site here.