HOW TO GET THAT WINGED EYE LOOK | by Marie Claire Magazine

Makeup How-To: The Perfect Black Winged Eyeliner
Learn how to do this and you're set for anything.

Photo and Tutorial by Marie Claire Magazine

Photo and Tutorial by Marie Claire Magazine

Step 1. Tools and product are crucial to perfecting this look. Use an extra fine eyeliner brush and a black cream eyeliner to draw a small line at the end of where you want your winged liner to stop.

Step 2. Draw a line upwards from the outter corner of your top lashline to connect to the end of your wing creating a V shape or your "wing outline."

Step 3. Connect the line on top from the inner corner of the lash line all the way to your "wing outline" and then fill in the rest.

Step 4. Finish with two coats of your favorite black mascara on both the top and bottom lashes.