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My friend Denise messaged me privately, perhaps triggered by my recent post about What to Get Your Boyfriend or Husband for Valentine's Day. "I am afraid to even ask what you're doing today," she said. 

This Valentine's Day, I spent my day photographing a beautiful couple in Red Bank, New Jersey as part of my boudoir photography deals for NYC and New Jersey.

This exclusive first-time event included a penthouse suite at the beautiful Oyster Point Hotel, with complimentary Hair and Makeup by Makeup Artistry by Miranda Richards, complimentary wardrobe and accessories and dinner reservations for two at Char on Broad Street in Red Bank.

 Best known for my New Jersey Boudoir Photography, most people do not think of me when it comes to photographing couples. But why not? Couples Boudoir pictures are gaining popularity just like any other intimate portraiture. With busy day to day lives, and life's little complications thrown in our way, it is a simple, beautiful and unusual way to reconnect. It's purely an elegant or classy boudoir session that celebrates moments of intimacy and love. What better more romantic way for a couple to spend a Valentine's Day? 

Upon arrival, we started with boudoir hair and makeup. Miranda created a look for my client that was playful, daring and flirtatious all at the same time. With smoky eyes, tousled hair and a killer wardrobe, we were well on our way to creating something epic. 

Next we mapped out a storyline for the afternoon. Rather than just have the couple kiss and be intimate in front of me, we felt it would be more interesting to create a visual story... one that would allow them to be "actors" in their very own idea of a perfect evening.

It was fantasy and reality at the same time. The "acting" part allowed them to play a role, without feeling uncomfortable kissing, hugging or touching in front of another person. It is all very conservative, I assured them, even though the outcome (couples boudoir pictures) will be evocative and sexy. I would even occasionally yell "Cut!" so that we could move on to our next wardrobe or "set". 

All in all, it was a very elegant boudoir photography experience for this longtime boudoir photographer.

And, because my client's photo privacy is something I hold sacred, I will share a few illustrations of how my couple's boudoir images resonate...It will give you an idea of how fun and incredibly special this day was for all involved. 

Couple's Boudoir Photography Demonstration...

There's a first for everything, and this was my first real couples boudoir photography shoot. In the future, I hope to attract more. As a devout believer #LOVEISLOVE, I also welcome same sex couples to contact me for same sex boudoir photo shoots, in honor of your affection and devotion. 

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It's that time of year again, RED BANK RESTAURANT WEEK, when food lovers descend upon RED BANK New Jersey's culinary capital. Red Bank is also the home to my boudoir photo and portrait studio, Life As Fine Art by Cate Scaglione.

For me, one of the best things about living in Monmouth County is being so close to Red Bank. It is where my husband and I go to enjoy a chic, upscale evening with the best food outside of New York City. One might even argue, it's a better date night, with its old world charm and wonderful main-street vibe to stroll. 

We love dining in Red Bank, and this year I decided to invite the rest of you all into town, to experience our little slice of culinary and shopping heaven. 

As a boudoir photographer who creates glamourous photo shoots for women, men, couples boudoir photo shoots,  and even Boudoir Bachelorette parties or Ladies Night Outs.... I thought to myself, what could be a more spectacular evening than to start with a sultry, empowering photo session? 

I have scheduled a week of photo sessions so my clients can enjoy my time, along with Red Bank Restaurant Week.



Imagine having your hair and makeup styled to perfection. Then having a chance to feel like a supermodel for an hour or so. Then, head out to this sexy little town feeling amazing! Sound good? 

Here's the details: 

In the weeks following the photo shoot, we'll meet to review your session and dream up the many gorgeous ways to display it. It's a night out, commissioned art, and vacation getaway all in one! 

If this sounds like your idea of a perfect date night, please contact me ASAP at 732.676.3700 or Cate@LIfeAsFineArt.com