CREATE elegant, classy and tasteful boudoir photos through the eyes of an artist... with TRUST, GUIDance, and PLENTY OF LAUGHTER.

Cate Scaglione of Life As Fine Art is not only known as the best New York and New Jersey boudoir photographer, but as one of the top photography artists in the boudoir industry. But for Cate, it's so much more than knowing how to wield a camera to give you sexy photos.

"As a boudoir photographer, there are plenty of ways I can spend my time, but for me, it is about knowing the PERSON I am photographing. I don't take it lightly that you will be sharing some of your most private aspects of your sensual self. Our session is an authentic experience that flows with laughter, confidence and storytelling. I'll show you how to 'let go', and within minutes you'll feel the freedom of your latent goddess. There are many photographers you can choose to take sexy boudoir photos of you. I take it a step beyond, to reveal your FIRE." 

-CATE SCAGLIONE, Photographer/Owner