As an artist, I take great pride in authenticity... especially when it comes to the creative design of your session. Clients entrust me as their boudoir photographer because of my signature style. But for every client, the perfect style is different. That's why clients love working with us...We pay attention to who YOU are and deliver one-of-a-kind portraits you won't find anywhere else. Fashion-infused and often dramatic, it is first and foremost intimate art that stays true to who you are inside. What you see is a manifestation of your sensual self, brought to life through skillful light, shadow and editing.

For some clients, fashion-infused sultriness is their aesthetic goal. Others prefer a sweet or subdued non-lingerie session. And, there are clients who simply love our Dreamworlds -- surreal fine art portraiture unique to my studio.

No matter how you describe your perfect session, my end goal is to WOW you beyond your imagination.

Every woman is gorgeously different. And so, I offer different types of portrait experiences, each designed to set your soul on fire. 

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IN STUDIO BOUDOIR | The Intimate Boudoir Experience at our Loft Studio

When you step into the studio, you'll feel its luxe yet industrial-crafted lure. If you've been dreaming about a boudoir session, the Life As Fine Art Studio is like none other. Formerly a choir loft, it offers you an amazing experience from start to finish. We are a WOMEN-ONLY boudoir team who offer you the privacy and relaxation you need to lose your inhibitions and shine. With its beautiful antique furniture, in-house 5-star styling salon and even a mini lingerie boutique, this is the perfect place to experience boudoir.  

The end goal of this type of session is typically to create a gorgeous boudoir album, along with sensual wall art.  



DREAMWORLD SESSION | An Ethereal Fine Art Custom Portrait Experience by Cate Scaglione

Have you always dreamed of a special place to go in your travels? Is there an era that you would like to travel back in time? Cate Scaglione helps you fulfill these fantasies through one of her very special Dreamworld sessions. These special surreal works of art begin with a stylized photograph and result in a timeless work of painted environmental art. As a founding elite member of the highly prestigious Society for Fine Art Portrait Photographers. (SFIPP), Cate is recognized as a leading women's portrait artist around the globe.

The goal of this session is to create a beautiful gallery-caliber piece for the walls of your home. Cate has her own signature frame line which ensures you a prestigiously crafted work of art. 


WANDERLUST SESSIONS | Outdoor + Editorial-Style Boudoir Photo Shoots

Adventurers revel in Cate's editorial-style boudoir photo experiences. Held outdoors and in interesting locales, these specially-designed sessions emulate a real magazine photo shoot, so you can feel like a supermodel on-location. We'll style you, then set out to the great wide open at carefully scouted locations.
This can be done locally, OR.... As a boudoir weekend getaway in some of the world's most interesting locations (Think: Venice, London, New Orleans...)

The goal of this session is typically printed art collections and wall art. Professional Models can request a digital-only gallery for portfolio (purchased separately).
ALL Wanderlust sessions require signed model releases.




MATERNITY PHOTO SHOOTS | Beautiful + Body Conscious + Maternal  

If you're expecting, we are expecting you to visit us here at the studio. We specialize in stylizing fashion-conscious and artistic maternity sessions so you can remember this magical time in your life as a beautiful, memorable experienc

The goal of this session is to typically to create an epic piece of custom wall art or a printed boxed collection of heirloom images that your baby can treasure Mama's maternal beauty from year to year

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COUPLES BOUDOIR | Creating Art Together Through Intimacy

Whether you are celebrating a special milestone, or want to add some spice, there is simply no better way to appreciate your love than through the creation of art together. During this intimate 1.5-hour photo experience, you'll be guided through posing and expressions to help you visualize your intimacy though art. It's romantic and sensual yet with a sense of elegance... A perfect way to celebrate true love. And you'll have artwork that immortalizes it forever.

END GOAL: To typically to create a storybook couples' album, and usually some some abstract wall art. Minimum investment is required. Available to current and past clients ONLY.