"Rejoice with your family in the beautiful
land of life." 

-Albert Einstein



"Once upon a time, we dreamed a childhood out loud. In color. With outdoor play and endless possibilities, we created our own dream worlds. New Jersey fantasy photographer Cate Scaglione's concept of Life As Fine Art is precisely designed to honor this sentiment. Let's go beyond the picture. With an eye for the precious, the profound and the nostalgic, I will capture what's in your child's brave little heart and vivid imagination. Your child's life is nothing short of a masterpiece ...and that is what I'll create for you. That's the essence of a Life is Fine Art."

In the age of "the most photographed generation in the world," something has changed us. Yes, photos are now a visual vernacular. The ways of our universe constantly remind us that the more abundance we have, the less we'll value it.

Cameras, phone cameras and photographers are everywhere. It's not to say we don't adore seeing pictures of our children or family. However, it is to say that perhaps as a culture we've lost some reverence of the tradition of portraiture.

My concept of Life As Fine Art is precisely designed to honor this tradition. Let's go beyond the snapshots, beyond the cliched smiling faces smiling at the camera. With an eye for the precious, the profound and the nostalgic, Iwill go beyond capturing the image. Instead, I'll be capturing what's in your heart. Your life is nothing short of a masterpiece ...and that is how I will photograph it. That's Life is Fine Art.


Every session begins long before the shoot. We will get to know each other, through an intimate conversation designed to understand you, your children and your lifestyle. I'll get to know you in a way that helps capture the essence of your children.


During your consultation, we will discuss wardrobe options...the inspired looks that will shape your session and your the storyline. I often keep a wardrobe of whimsical girls dresses and accessories to bring on set. However, I also have shopping resources which you can choose. 


I prefer a romantic, whimsical approach to the Family As Fine Art session and we style accordingly. For children, this might mean accessorizing or adding light enhancing makeup that I might apply.

Children do not need professional hair or makeup done. However if you choose, grown ups can be styled as part of the session. I have a wonderfully dedicated styling team who are uniquely synched with my aesthetic. Their talents lie not just in making you look beautiful, but making you look beautifully primed for a masterpiece.  Pro hair and makeup is not a requirement for Family As Fine Art sessions if you choose not to.


The majority of clients are so enamored with their Family Fine Art session and images they typically love to be featured within my online galleries. However, your family's privacy is sacred to me. Every client image is protected and considered a private work of art, unless authorized to display. Though I love to celebrate every child's beauty and show it off to the world, I take your orientation to privacy very seriously.