When you want to take things a step beyond, you come to New Jersey and NYC's top boudoir and beauty photographer, Cate Scaglione. Known throughout the photography industry as one of the few skilled creators of fantasy portrait artists for her DREAM WORLDS collection. It's photograph, it's a painting, it's a fantasy...YOURS. These authentic one of a kind creations cannot be found at any other NYC or New Jersey studio.

We all want to feel inspired, by beautiful places and things.


"I just wanted to be a little farther from the everyday life in NYC, and elaborate that in my women's photography. With a family to raise and a busy boudoir studio here in New Jersey, it was hard to break away. A midnight flight to Paris was not in the cards. But then, I realized that truly, the inspiration was right in front of me all along.

MY DREAMS WERE THE DREAMS OF MY CLIENTS. It brought me immense joy to understand my clients and what moved them artistically.From there, a new genre was born out of my work. I was able to combine the joy of creating one-of-a-kind-art for women, with the passions of my clients. You come to realize that making people happy and fulfilling their fantasies is a dream in itself. I can literally bring people's DREAMS TO LIFE."

-Cate Scaglione


Each 'Daydreams' client is my muse. What moves you? Who inspires you? What did you dream about as a child? I like to get to know you on both a personal and artistic level. I then correlate this to classic works that inspire me...whether it is a novel I have read, a master painting, or even just an element from a fantasy. We strip you from the everyday modern reality; And, with our imagination and styling, bring you into a dreamworld of fashion, beauty and magical environments. The result is a master work of art that displays your beauty and that can be cherish for generations. 


During your Dreamworld session, we will achieve a series of shots in our carefully designed setting which will translate into into magnificent works of art. Dreamworld sessions are offered only as fine art gallery portraits, which we can customize to your heart's content through size, paper, matting and frame choices. You can even add on to your session for a complete gallery of inspired looks.

The possibilities are endless, but one thing is for sure... you will never want to wake up from this beautiful dream. 


Prior to your Dreamworld session, we will schedule a consultation call to discuss and design your session. You will bring a few select pieces which might include evening gowns, romantic lacy garments, costume jewelry or favorite fabrics you encounter. There will also be other accessories on hand at the session for us to work with. Once your hair and makeup is complete, we will literally "stage" your session and custom-design your garments to meet the aesthetics of the session. This is both a planned and impromptu process, which allows us to create a dramatic couture look that is one of a kind.


The location of our session is chosen by me and my styling team, specifically to meet the logistical and artistic needs of our Dreamworld together.