"I never knew I needed this for myself. 
I never gave myself enough credit that I could be brave enough
to look past my imperfections and reach for something more.
...But I did it.
And with a leap of faith, I suddenly became the girl in the photographs. 
The one I never imagined I could be. The one I wanted to see. 
And so with tears in my eyes, I look at this album
A treasure on my lap that I will cherish for years to come.
I created art with you. Art that is ME that I was too scared to make come true. 
And now it IS TRUE."

-Stefania, NYC | Life As Fine Art client


More Than Just a Boudoir Photo Shoot

You can choose pretty much anyone to take your boudoir photos. But when you choose Cate Scaglione, you are choosing an empathetic, life changing experience of empowerment and art. Cate's interests go way beyond simply "capturing the shot". She is interested in YOU. She gives you permission to FEEL indulgent, invincible, exquisite... and a thousand other glorified emotions you never knew you needed so much. It is a choice to be your best, with the best. And the end results are... consistently award winning.
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The Gift Is for Love but the Experience... For YOU

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Cate Scaglione is one of the most in-demand bridal boudoir photographers in NYC and NJ, and with good reason. Because Cate caters to NJ + NYC's most exquisite brides at her luxurious Red Bank, NJ studio, they get perks they simply won't find anywhere else. While the gift may be for him, your day at our studio is a relaxing immersion in your independent strength, beauty, and sultry feminine power. Here, you can step away from the stress and flurry of wedding day planning, to experience a day that is truly all about YOU.  
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Something Different...YOU as the Muse

Named one of the top 20 Fine Art Photographers internationally, Cate Scaglione is a celebrated visual storyteller who seeks to make a difference in your life through fine art. By understanding your hopes, personal history, fantasies (and even a bit of wanderlust!) Cate will create a truly unique, personality-infused work of art that brings your daydreams to life.  It's called the Dreamworld Collection and it's something you'll treasure as an heirloom for future generations.
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