Boudoir is a Luxury Experience. 

We work hard to ensure your boudoir experience is one of the best days of your life, and that it is a luxury experience you won't soon forget. We know our clients are as emotionally and financially invested in their boudoir art as we are. 

If you're shopping around for a discounted boudoir shoot, we are not the studio for you. We believe you are worth the very best and will work to ensure you get THAT. Choose your session for your love of the ART. And The art... is YOU.

This is a no pressure zone at all times. A boudoir experience at the studio is $375, and your images are purchased as an album or fine art piece(s) separately after the shoot, during your Viewing Premiere. Digitals are available as an add-on option in any printed collection. 



The Dreamworld Art Experience

Unique to the Life As Fine Art studio, a Dreamworld Portrait is custom-created art designed to meta-phorically tell your own story. (It's like a tattoo, but for your soul!) Each piece is conceived by Cate's imagination after a detailed consultation with you, then painted in the following weeks after specially constructed photo shoot. These finished works are often showcased in galleries and other special events.

Due to the specialized and time-intensive nature of these portraits, Cate hand paints these for a limited number of clients each month. These sessions are commissioned at $595, with the final art piece purchased separately according to size, design and format. They can be commissioned as an add-on option to your boudoir session, with cost efficiency..


Custom Art to Showcase YOU as Art 


Often, during the shoot, clients glance over and admire my beautiful wall art at the studio but will tell me that they they are too shy. Who could possibly want a large piece of boudoir art on their walls? It might be considered conceited, or immodest, or maybe even self-obsessed. It is none of the above. I think, its actually because they have never experiences themselves as fine art, or something (Someone?) worthy of being showcased on the wall. 

Theres always one image that will make you feel special, and you should rejoice in that feeling to see it every day. Gallery wall art is becoming more and more popular, and women are finding newfound joy in waking up each day to their life as fine art. 

Wall art is priced according to size, specs and format. Each piece is created for, and in collaboration with you.